My cigarette lighter 12v power outlet went out on me the other day. Which outlet is not working?

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If not, then the device may be faulty.

Why Is My Cigarette Outlet Not Working. According to my sportback (2007) manual you need to replace fuse in the fusebox located at the driver's end of the dashboard. The said it would draw too much power. Jimmyh, apr 10, 2013 #9.

The outlet has not reset and i don't know where to look for the circuit breaker in either the front or rear power blocks. I have checked the fuse and it is good, any suggestions? Does the audi have a different outlet type?

The fuse covering the 12v socket (cigarette lighter) is not in the fusebox in the engine compartment. My understanding is that a cigarette lighter when in use draws more power than my phone charger or a charger for a gaming system. During this time, check the cigarette lighter socket.

The cigarette lighter outlet fuse doesn't have anything to do with the radio or the clock. Just pull off the cover and replace fuse 24 with a new 20amp fuse. So i'm somewhat confused by this issue i'm having with my car.

My cigarette lighter is not working. You should check this first. Like many other electrical components of your car, the cigarette lighter has a fuse.

Is your circuit breaker tripped? My cigarette lighter is not working, the adjacent 12v plug is working. My first advice for you is to always check your breaker box.

If it is working, then problem solved. If not, drive the car slowly in the neighborhood for several minutes, stopping completely at stop signs and accelerating up to a safe speed. It lost its power or presence of foreign objects that is causing a problem inside the socket.

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The one in the center console isn't working and i've got it. I have tested the fuse (slot # 18) trunk fuse box and the fuse is fine. Then we’ll go through the best solution to each possible scenario.

I blew my fuse for the cig lighter drivers side outlet and it took a while to find it, as i thought it was the m7 fuse when it was the m6. You can then return to the problem outlet and determine if resetting the breaker turned the power back on to the area. The red ring does not light up, and a standard 12v cigarette lighter wont stay in the outlet.

Five causes of a faulty car cigarette lighter when the fuse tests ok, include: If the 180 watt (15 amp) power rating is exceeded the fuse protecting the system will need to be replaced. you could have plugged in something a little too powerful. If the socket does not work, there can be various reasons.

Let’s start with a few questions to help you pinpoint the reason your electrical outlets aren’t working in one room. Two small rolls of wire, one red, the other black, a couple of butt connectors to attach the rolls of wires to the wires coming from the cb. It also states do not connect devices with power higher than 180 watts (15 amps) to the socket.

Some crimps or pliers to crimp down the butt connectors/wires. I have also pulled the cigarette tray out, to ensure that both wires are connected properly. One is for positive, the other, negative.

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“but my breaker box is working just fine.” Mikeb29212, dec 14, 2011 #1. The guy who removed it said that it took power from the radio/stereo, not from the cigarette lighter circuit, so it shouldn't have interfered.

Do not damage the socket by using unsuitable adaptors. Hopefully that will cure the problem. But if it does work, then there is a problem with the 12v power outlet of your car.

But there is a question why is your car cigarette lighter not working? 1 to cigarette lighter and one to power outlet. When you encounter that the accessory doesn’t work with the power outlet, you should first check the accessory itself.

Whatever be the reason, the lighter sockets also offers several useful services such as charging gps device, cams, phones, etc. My toyota dealer told me that it may because i had plugged 2 items in; Some ring terminals to attach to the battery and ground.

A cigarette lighter is practically installed in every car and also serves as a power source for phone chargers and co. The user manual states that there is a self correcting circuit breaker that will reset when the overlodd is removed. The possible reasons could be anything such as the lighter’s socket fuse is blown;

So as you know the car has 2 12v outlets, one in the cubby area under the dash, and one in the center console. I got this from the manual. In most cases, the fuse is burned out.

This action will reset the breaker. We have summarized which these are in this article. Try using it with other power outlets, and see if it working.

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The fuse is located on the right side of the fuse box. But he also said there's a plug behind the dash where the power outlets plug into something else (a harness or something) and suggested i. Ensure that you don’t accidentally move a switch, and if you do happen to switch a breaker on or off, remember which one you moved.

The fuse is one of the most common reasons for a cigarette lighter to stop working.

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