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Shortest Book In The Bible By Word Count. Jode with 1 chapter, 25 verses and 613 words. When you think about what the shortest book in the bible is, there are. Related articles more from author.

And all that is within me, bless his holy name. Psalms 103:1 bless the lord, o my soul: Ps 91 1 shadow of the almighty faith in love scripture quotes.

1) 3 john shortest book. New testament by number of greek words. 2 john with one 1 chapter, 13 verses and 303 words in english;

Rate 5 stars rate 4 stars rate 3 stars rate 2 stars rate 1 star. Paul wrote the most books, by far, but luke comes out in first place for total length, having written luke and acts. Please find below all the answers for the shortest book in number of words.this is a very popular question from the bible quiz trivia game.on our website you will be able to find not only the answer for the shortest book in number of words but also thousands of other game answers, cheats and solutions.

I referenced the lexham hebrew bible for ot books and the na27 for nt books, and here’s what i got: 3 john has 15 verses, while 2 john has 13. Either way, you may consider starting with his short and farcical fourth novel, which more or less begins with the narrator killing himself, and goes on from there.

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Point omega (117 pages) delillo’s shortest novel—though barely shorter than the body artist —is also among his most introspective. I needed word counts for every book of the bible, so the first thing i had to do was choose the text i’d be drawing from. How long is the bible?

Hello folks!thank you for visiting answersking.com. Jeremiah (33,002 words) genesis (32,046 words) psalms (30,147 words) ezekiel (29,918 words) The shortest book in the bible by word count is 3 john, with only 219 words in the bible’s original language.

Psalms 103:2 bless the lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Pin on religious parting the red sea. Next article list of books in the bible from shortest to longest.

The third shortest book of the bible is philemon with 335 words in greek. Pin on all things bible. List and description of all biblical characters in alphabetical order.

To equal that, read j. The shortest book of the bible is 3 john, just about 200 words long in its original greek language. This is going by word count in the original languages (not any english translation of the bible).

The bible is a pretty long book , and that might give the impression that every book of the bible is long, too. Some people also credit him with writing hebrews! To offer you some more interesting facts and.

The na27 greek new testament; Here’s a list of the ten longest books of the bible. I went with the following three bibles:

Obadiah with 1 chapter, 21 verses and 670 words. Shortest book in the bible by word count. Order book # verses # words # chapters 1 luke 1,151 19,482 24.

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Bible books by word count (kjv) quiz stats. Word counts on every book of the bible (from longest to shortest) 1 jeremiah 33,002 2 genesis 32,046 3 psalms 30,147 4 ezekiel 29,918 5 exodus 25,957 6 isaiah 25,608 7 numbers 25,048 8 deuteronomy 23,008 9 2 chronicles 21,349 10 1 samuel 20,837 11 1 kings 20,361 12 luke 19,482 13 leviticus 18,852 14 2 kings 18,784 15 acts 18,450 The second shortest book of the bible is 2 john with 245 words.

Longest book in the king james bible. Middle book in the king james bible. Rowling’s harry potter and the goblet of fire (190,858), harry potter and the half blood prince (169,441), and harry potter and the deathly hallows (198,227) plus about half of albert camus’ the stranger (36,014)

The word count of j. The bible, as you may already know, is made up of 66 books.when you have that many books, one of them must be the shortest. By el_dandy plays quiz not verified by sporcle.

5 shortest books in the entire bible. Shortest book in the king james bible. 2 john (verses) & 3 john (words) middle chapter in the king james bible.

There can be no one center verse in an even number of verses. The new american standard 1995 update (for the little slivers of aramaic) 10 shortest books in the bible l.

Add to playlist add to playlist bookmark this quiz bookmark this quiz support sporcle. Philemon with 1 chapter, 25 verses and 303 words. These are arrange in descending order using the kjv english bible.

2 acts 1,006 18,451 28 The 66 books of the bible. List of books in the bible from shortest to longest.

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By counting the number of words in hebrew or greek, the shortest book of the bible is 3 john, which has 219 words.

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