The joke is playing on the word works. This sign is only used while workers are in the area.

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The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones.

Road Work Ahead Sign Meaning. A side road intersects with your road from the right; Oh i hope it does is an addition that a humorist has added to the sign. You are approaching a roadwork site—be prepared for changed road conditions and slow down.

When there are repairs being performed on roads, or construction work of roads, it is a requirement by law to have “road work ahead” signs. Road work ahead signals that you are about to enter an area with construction. The road ahead is about to turn sharply in the direction of the arrow.

A traffic signal ahead sign means that you are approaching an intersection controlled by a traffic light. Side road intersection on a curve signs. You should slow down and approach the bend with caution.

← 5 most common construction signs and their meanings. You must be logged in to post a comment. “ oh i hope it does ” is an addition that a humorist has added to the sign.

Repair work such as loose gravel, heavy construction material, and freshly laid roads can lead to injuries of other drivers and pedestrians. Road works 1 mile ahead. End of road works and any temporary restrictions including speed limits.

Road construction signs are intended to let drivers know that there is road work going on, and that they should drive with caution to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Road work ahead (usa) or roadworks (uk) is a road sign warning drivers that there is construction or repair work ahead: If there is a speed limit on the sign, you must obey it until the next speed limit sign.

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There are road workers ahead on or near your path. There are different indicators, each with a different meaning. My wife thinks it's a flagger with their flag down.

A stop sign is posted ahead. “ road work ahead ” (usa) or “ roadworks ” (uk) is a road sign warning drivers that there is construction or repair work ahead: Unfortunately, even though i can find everything else, including the dimensions of the image, i can't locate a description of what the image is supposed to be doing.

What does a traffic signal ahead sign mean? This page is about the meaning, origin and characteristic of the symbol, emblem, seal, sign, logo or flag: Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to provide information to road users.

Signs are of superior quality (still have signs from 3 years ago that are in use.just needed more of the same!). Road work ahead signs are a type of construction traffic sign. I think it's a person digging.

It helps you to drive the vehicle accordingly and reduces the chance of an accident due to sudden turn. A yield sign is posted ahead. “ people are working on the road/s ”.

Learn what this sign means and what you’ll need to do when you see a traffic signal ahead while you’re on the road. Most common road work ahead signs & their meanings. Major roadwork areas, especially on highways, may be posted 10 or more miles in advance and continue warning you as you get closer.

From permanent signs indicating traffic changes, to temporary signage for road work, we have everything that you may require. Asymmetric, closed shape, colorful, contains both straight and curved lines, has no crossing lines. Leave a reply cancel reply.

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Get road work ahead signs fast. Proceed with caution as workers may be in, crossing, or near the road. Construction zones typically have reduced speed limits that drivers should adhere to.

These signs usually state the distance before you reach the road work. Some road constructions signs include road construction ahead signs, detour signs and no passing. Later, signs with directional arms were introduced, for example, the fingerposts in the united kingdom and their wooden counterparts in saxony.

A sharp bend, greater than 90 degrees is coming up on the road ahead. This orange sign indicates that construction or maintenance crews are working in the area; A curve is on the road ahead with an intersection at the side road.

Road work & construction zones: Men at work signs are a warning of road work ahead. People are working on the road/s.

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