If the reset button is in, but the devices plugged into it are not working, then the gfci is defective, not receiving current, or was improperly wired. This outlet has some protection from being on the wall of the house (gutters) but is not waterproof, it has the protective flaps.

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If it is not the gfci, it is possible that the outside outlet is wet which could take some time to dry out, depending on the temperature outside.

Gfci Outlet Not Working After Rain. It's most likely that water or moisture is getting down inside the equipment which is causing the gfi to trip, which leads to my next point, and most likely the cause of your problem. Plug a little lamp into it to check. How to troubleshoot a gfci outlet.

You will notice that after it dries up you can then reset the gfci. Keep in mind though that even if a piece of equipment that is plugged in is causing the gfi to trip when it rains, that may not necessarily mean the equipment is faulty. Sometimes, an outdoor gfci outlet will trip after a rainstorm.

You need to connect the black (hot) wires to the brass screws and white (neutral) wires to the silver screws. The problem is not with the gfci outlet. Once the rain subsided i attempted to reset the tripped outlet.

When it rains, the gfi outlet trips and won't reset until it's been dry for a few days. The seals on one of the outdoor receptacles are shot to shit so the first heavy rain tripped the gfci. It seems very possible that this may be the case especially when you had this happen after the heavy rains.

Look for bad or loose connections if at this point you still aren’t receiving power and the gfci outlet won’t reset, the next step is to look for any loose connections within the outlet itself. Yesterday, a friend came over with a tester and it was dry enough that the gfi would reset. Gfci outlet electrical problem the light fixtures should be checked to see if the wiring and fixture components have become wet, which may cause the gfci outlet to trip off.

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Look in those locations and any bathrooms or outside receptacles for an outlet with test and reset buttons on it and press the reset. More than likely, the problem is the location or the condition of the box housing the outlet. The receptacle would not reset until the outdoor receptacle dried up a day or two later.

The trip button stays outside and won’t reset; I've replaced all the outlets and weather covers and replaced the gfi outlet, but it continues to trip. When this happens, the outlet will likely have to be replaced.

I unplugged at cords attached to this outlet and the other outlet in the circuit, still unable to reset. If your gfci outlet suddenly stops working, you may not have any idea as to what the cause of this problem might be. House wiring circuits and circuit breakers;

More about wiring electrical outlets. Can a gfci outlet go bad? This outlet can be protected by any gfi outlet you have, check the garage, main panel, basement, bathrooms, and kitchens for a tripped gfi.

During a recent rain and wind storm my outdoor gfci outlet tripped, and the holiday lights plugged in went out. The circuit breaker that provides power to the gfci outlet should be checked to see if it is tripped off, if it is off then reset the breaker and turn it back on, and then reset the gfci outlet. It no longer trips when you press the test button;

All the outlets checked ok and all the lights under the house came on. The rain stopped yesterday and i blew out the outlet with a can of compressed air. No breakers were tripped, no gfci tripped.

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It would reset for a few seconds then trip again. All those receptacles are likely on a gfci (and if you house is more than a few years old, probably all on the same gfci). Last night it rained and this.

Even if the cord is outdoor rated the gfci will still pick up the moisture from the rain and cause it to trip. Replace the outside receptacle, or bypass it by disconnecting it temporarially and capping the wires. Gfci won’t reset after rain why?

The two kitchen outlets, however, do not work. In most instances, moisture in the electrical box housing the gfci breaker is the cause for the gfci breaker tripping. A wet outlet preventing the gfci from resetting.

If you notice black spots around the electrical box, it was likely caused by a surge. Sometimes the gfci is placed in there or its possible that the breaker for that circuit has simply tripped. I had a similar issue, the gfi would take a day or two to allow reset.

I made the mistake of leaving the outdoor lights plugged in during a recent rainstorm and now the outlet is not working. Gfci can go bad if. Or the water could have corroded the connections into the outlet, this will require pulling the outlet out, and loose wires inside may still be live, unless you shut off the breaker feeding it.

The den had a surge protector, which took a surge, and works after reset. Being that these are outside outlets they are required to be gfci protected. Check the panel for a gfi breaker.

The button trips out, but the outlet remains on. Finally, double check to make sure the outlet isn't actually on. I would double check all the exterior outlets and look for one that may be a gfi outlet.

Perhaps thats what you’re running into: The reset button won't work and the receptacle remains dead, even though the wiring to it is live. If the outlet is working, but the christmas lights aren't, then you need to check the fuse in the lights themselves.

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If your gfci won’t reset after rain, it means you have a ground fault along the circuit. See if the gfci receptacles work. We have also noticed that if you have an extension cord plugged into the outlet like xmas lights will cause it to trip as well.

When replacing an outlet with a gfci, make sure you turn the breaker off completely before uncovering the outlet. Awoke this morning after a storm and have 3 outlets not working, two in the kitchen and one in the den.

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