There is a little square handle in the bottom right of the selection, click and drag it. After removing the filter option, the fill handle has again started to function properly.

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Click the autocorrect options button.

Excel Autofill Not Working With Filter. Use the sort & filer icon. If you need to fill down in a filtered column with tge same data or formula, it is not problem without code: If you clear the filters at the top, it seems to.

If you have applied a filter to columns in your spreadsheet, and you have then filtered by one or more of the columns, you can no longer use autofill. Type 3 in cell a3. There are mainly 3 ways for you.

Ctrl+r will do a fill r ight, if you ever need that. If you're still having problems, make sure that your filters are clear. Works the same for dates.

Autofill method of range class failed. To remove the filter from your table, you have to simply press ctrl+shift+l together. Now, apply a filter on your range and all the techniques fail.

Here’s a fiddly little feature of excel 2010 which really gives me the irrits. The reason for this is that the cells you are attempting to autofill are not consecutive cells (check out the row numbers on the left hand side) I want to autofill numbers (i.e 1,2 when dragged would autofill with 3 and so on).

The very first reason behind fill handle not working in excel can be disabled fill handle option. Hi, i have followed several examples found here on the usage of specialcells (xlcelltypevisible) to autofill visible cells in filtered rows. How to filter in excel?

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The reason is that autofill works only on a contiguous range. Autofill will override its normal determination (copy the selected value downward) by forcing a series of numbers into the filled cells. Excel file got corrupted somehow.

For some reason, when highlight the cells of both 1 and 2 when i trying to drag to autofill to the cell below all three cells now contain the value 1. Excel will copy the value from the first cell and paste it into the other cells in the selected range: Apparently, when a formula is created outside the table and later becomes part of a.

Type 1 in cell a1. I don’t know why this is a thing that must. Cannot use autofill after filter.

Autofill is turned on in the options>advanced menu. Select a column, a row, or a cell, and then click the sort & filter icon. Excessive application of filters in excel worksheet.

Now you will see there should drop. I would guess because most people think that when it's filtered, this would only affect the visible cells, but it doesn't/won't. In case you need to get excel autofill not working, you can switch it off by doing the following:

Hit ctrl+d to perform a fill d own. Ok (ot enter) to accept. Enter in first cell your value or formula.

=text (subtotal (3,$d$7:$d7),000) and confirm with ctrl+enter. Following reasons are responsible for fill series not working in excel issue. This is a part of autocorrect set of features.

This did not work either. Then, click the filter option. Alt+y = visible cells only.

I have also tried your suggestion by holding down the ctrl key (made 2 attempts, 1st by pressing/holding the ctrl before clicking on the autofill handle and dragging down the column and the 2nd by clicking and holding the autofill handle 1st then click/hold the ctrl key before dragging down the column). Some users with the older versions of microsoft excel have reported that the autofill option is not working in the filtered table. Go to top cell you want.

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Type 2 in cell a2. Automatic is already selected under calculation options and enable fill handle/cell drag and drop also already selected. It also works in 2010, so version is not an issue.

When you use excel to edit tables, there may be many values. I can't imagine what you are doing differently. Select all cells in filtered column thaz you want to fill down.

If you drag, all cells are filled with 1 and no other techniques also work. To find certain values, the filter feature is very useful. How to enable table autofill formulas.

If filters are turned on, they may cause the same number to repeat, even when selecting more than one cell. One way to get around this is to do the filter and then in the filtered cells enter the following formula (just the filtered cells, so select them with alt+; Filter not working in excel.

I was having the same problem, and it seemed to be caused by having the data filters turned on.

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